Tutorial: Download Photos from Google Drive to Computer

Because I typically use Google Drive to deliver photos to my clients, I wanted to make a tutorial post for anyone who is unfamiliar with google drive.


Downloading from Drive is actually quite simple, you just need to know where to look.

Below are a series of screenshots I took to show you how to download your photos.  I am using Windows 10, but the process should be very similar for all PC users.

First, follow the link I have sent you to access your photos.  Click the folder name, and click download.

Tutorial 1

Next, google will zip a folder with your photos.

Tutorial 2


Drive will prompt you to either open or save.  I generally click save.

Tutorial 3

Now click “open folder.”

Tutorial 4

Next, we need to extract the zipped file.  Right click the folder, and click “extract all.”

Tutorial 5

Now click “extract.”

Tutorial 6

Now that you have extracted the folder, I usually delete the zipped folder from my computer.  Then I right click the new folder and click “cut.”

Tutorial 7

Now you will have to decide where to put your photos.  Perhaps in your “my pictures” folder, or on an external hard drive where you will remember them.  It is always wise to back up your photos in multiple places.

Tutorial 8

Click “paste” and the folder is now where you can access it!

Tutorial 9

Just click into the folder to see your photos!

Tutorial 10


Soon, I will make a tutorial for how to download on mobile, which is a bit different.  There are also instructions about how to download photos from google drive to mobile on the image at the top of this post.



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