K+V’s Debt Free Celebration | Norman, OK

It is so much fun to be able to help friends celebrate something big in their lives.

Kevin and Veronica are one of those special couples.  They have been my friends since my first semester of college, way back 9 years ago now.  Knowing Veronica my freshman year was the link to meeting most of my college friends, and the majority of my wonderful college memories happened in that group.

I’m so excited to celebrate with them for being debt free, and excited to see what exciting things they will do!

Debt Free Celebration Photos (4)Debt Free Celebration Photos (3)Debt Free Celebration Photos (6)Debt Free Celebration Photos (10)Debt Free Celebration Photos (9)

If you’d like to read more about their story in becoming debt free, hop on over to Veronica’s Blog.

P.S. If anyone else wants to do a confetti shoot, I’m all in because this was so much fun!


Debt Free Celebration Photos (10)-vertDebt Free Celebration Photos (3)-vert

When should I schedule my Autumn photos?

It is a great question, and depending on the year it can change.  Autumn is a wonderful time to take family photos: the colors are warm, but the weather is cooling off and reminds us of cozy clothes and cuddles with the ones we love.

IMG_3273 (2)

Today I found a great tool to help you know the best time to schedule Autumn photos!

Check out this interactive 2017 Fall Foliage Prediction Map to see when the leaves will change in your area!  Keep in mind many of the trees that are planted in cities actually reach their peak colors much earlier than the native trees in the rest of the state, so waiting until the “peak” may be too late for many landscaped areas such as parks.


It looks like Oklahoma City will reach its peak around mid-October.  If you would like to schedule a Fall photo session with me, please visit my booking page and fill out a short questionnaire and I will get back to you with my availability.

J+S Lake Road Session | Healdton, OK

Last month I photographed my parents, the day before their anniversary!  They wanted to have a few dressy photos in uniform, and I was happy they decided to do some casual dress photos this year as well!  This little lakeside gravel road made a nice reflector on a day that was cloudy and wet pretty much until right before we took these photos.

Couples Photography (2)Couples Photos | Healdton, OK | Saxon Smith PhotographyCouples Photography (6)Couples Photography (12)Couples Photography (24)Couples Photography (23)Police Portraits (4)Police Portraits (2)Police Portraits (10)Police Portraits (8)

Police Couples Photography


Grand Canyon Self Portraits

In early August, we took a trip to Arizona to see family and also to visit the Grand Canyon.  It was my first time both to Arizona and the Grand Canyon, so me being me I wanted beautiful documentation of us being there.  The canyon was so spectacular, I don’t think I could do it justice, but I do love our mini-sunset session with the tripod and remote timer.

If you haven’t been to the Grand Canyon yet, I highly recommend it!  My favorite location we found was Moran Point on the South Rim, where we took these sunset photos.


J+B Countryside Session | Healdton, OK

It has become an annual event for me to drive down to the city where my dad is chief of police to do annual photos for the department.  While I’m there, I like to offer family portraits to the officers in addition to the headshots for the department.  This is actually what initially kicked off portraits for me one year ago, so I guess I’ve officially been doing this for about a year now!  Last year just my parents wanted to do family photos, but this year it was nice to have another couple join in the fun!

Meet Officer Sumner and his girlfriend…and the sun that decided to play peek-a-boo all day until the very end of their session when it made the magic happen.

Police Officer Portrait Session (33)

Police Officer Portrait Session (39)Police Officer Portrait Session (30)

Police Officer Portrait Session (10)Police Officer Portrait Session (4)Police Officer Portrait Session (21)Police Officer Portrait Session (20)Police Officer Portrait Session (19)Police Officer Portrait Session (24)Police Officer Portrait Session (28)

Police Couples Portraits 1Police Couples Portraits


Police Dept. Professional Headshots| Saxon Smith Photography

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing professional headshots for the Healdton Police department.  My dad is chief of police for this department, which is nice because it gives me a window into a different type of photography than I usually have the opportunity to do.  This is my second year to do portraits for the department, and also to be there for the city’s largest parade of the year to celebrate Oil Field Day.

Police Department Portraits | Saxon Smtih Photography602. Sumner603. Ritchey604. Romine605. Perryman